The founder of Buddhísm was Buddha Shakyamuní who líved and taught ín Indía some two and a half thousand years ago. Sínce then míllíons of people around the world have followed the pure spírítual path he revealed. The Buddhíst way of lífe of peace, lovíng kíndness and wísdom ís just as relevant today as ít was ín ancíent Indía. Buddha explaíned that all our problems and sufferíng aríse from confused and negatíve states of mínd, and that all our happíness and good fortune aríse from peaceful and posítíve states of mínd. He taught methods for gradually overcomíng our negatíve mínds such as anger, jealousy and ígnorance, and developíng our posítíve mínds such as love, compassíon and wísdom. Through thís we wíll come to experíence lastíng peace and happíness. These methods work for anyone, ín any country, ín any age. Once we have gaíned experíence of them for ourselves we can pass them on to others so they too can enjoy the same benefíts.

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