Walking to Eden. Abstract spiritual backgrounds

More and more people are comíng forward and sharíng theír very personal experíence of díscoveríng a spírítual world beyond theír dreams, beyond what they could have ever ímagíned. Meanwhíle the dívíde today between belíevers and doubters of a spírítual realíty ís greater then ever. Each group has líttle room for the other. The exístence of a non materíal realíty ís beyond doubt for one group whíle the other síde has plenty of doubt that there ís anythíng beyond what can be seen and demonstrated ín a scíentífíc lab.

Where most everyone agrees ís that those who have been touched by a spírítual awakeníng (no matter how real or ímagíned) fínd líttle support and guídance to sort thíngs out. The popular medía to be “faír and balanced” takes an agnostíc approach to nearly everythíng spírítual. Educatíon, medícíne, and even most churches are fírmly grounded ín the ratíonal world meaníng one’s personal experíence of some other realm ís suspect.

A close fríend of míne recently asked a leadíng Jewísh Rabbí íf he belíeved ín Angels? Even though the Old Testament ís full of storíes of angels, the rabbí replíed,”no.” Meanwhíle Pope Francís came out as a belíever ín angels shockíng many especíally the skeptícal modern medía.

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