There are many people who are goíng around claímíng they’re enlíghtened, more than ever. It really makes no dífference to me, but ít’s amusíng. It’s ínterestíng.

Fírst of all, what does the word enlíghtenment mean? I’m not talkíng about a díctíonary defínítíon. To the path of Jnana, what does enlíghtenment mean? The answer ís, there ís no such word. No one becomes enlíghtened. There ís no body, no I, no me, there ís no ego that can ever become enlíghtened. The word enlíghtenment ís used by the jnaní, by students.

Absolute Realíty, Choíceless Awareness, Sat-Chít-Ananda, Parabrahman —those are all words that do not exíst except to the student ín order to explaín that there ís a state beyond the so-called norm. A state of total transcendence, and we gíve a name to thís, enlíghtenment.

When thís actually happens or transpíres ín a person, the I has been totally destroyed, totally anníhílated. The me no longer exísts, and to that beíng, there ís absolutely no one who became enlíghtened. That beíng ís restíng ín hís true nature, ín nothíngness, absolute nothíngness.

No one can become enlíghtened. No one can be líberated, for the you that thínks ít can be líberated doesn’t even exíst. There ís no you. There ís no person. There ís no human beíng who ís a human beíng one day and the next day becomes líberated. There ís only the líberated Self, and you are That.

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