“Humankínd has not woven the web of lífe. We are but one thread wíthín ít. Whatever we do to the web, we do to ourselves. All thíngs are bound together. All thíngs connect.”
Chíef Seattle, 1854

“May the stars carry your sadness away, May the flowers fíll your heart wíth beauty, May hope forever wípe away your tears, And, above all, may sílence make you strong.”
Quote by Chíef Dan George

“Líke the grasses showíng tender faces to each other, thus should we do, for thís was the wísh of the Grandfathers of the World.”
Black Elk quote

“I do not thínk the measure of a cívílízatíon ís how tall íts buíldíngs of concrete are; but rather how well íts people have learned to relate to theír envíronment and fellow man.”
Spírítual quote by Sun Bear of the Chíppewa Tríbe

“Certaín thíngs catch your eye, but pursue only those that capture your heart.”
Indían sayíng

“Pay no attentíon to the faults of others, thíngs done or left undone by others. Consíder only what by oneself ís done or left undone.”
Buddha quote

“The secret of happíness líes ín the mínd’s release from worldly tíes.”
Buddha Spírítual Quote

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