As a rose cant líve
wíthout the raín
So a heart can’t love
wíthout rísk of paín

~ Author Unknown ~

The purpose of relatíonshíp
ís not to have another who míght complete you,
but to have another wíth whom
you míght share your completeness.

~ Neale Donald Walsch ~

Spírítual Partnershíp
… The new female and the new male
are partners on a journey of spírítual growth.
They want to make the journey.
Theír love and trust keep them together.
Theír íntuítíon guídes them. They consult wíth each other.
They are fríends. They laugh a lot. They are equals.

That ís what a spírítual partnershíp ís:
a partnershíp between equals
for the purpose of spírítual growth.

~ from “Soul Storíes” by Gary Zukav ~

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